Donald Trump Squirrel Feeder

INTRODUCING: The Best Entertainment You’ll Find For Your Morning Coffee

Whether you love the President, think he acts a little squirrely, or think he’s just plain nuts, we can all get a laugh out of this Donald Trump squirrel feeder!  Let’s make America great again with laughter, OK?

  •  Hilarious: Nothing else in your back yard will generate laughs like this.
  •  Easy: Use the included string to hang it near a tree or bird feeder to kick-start your fun.
  •  Unique: You won’t find a more uncommon Christmas gift.

Need a unique gift for a Dirty Santa gift exchange or a friend that loves politics?  With our Donald Trump Squirrel Feeder, the laughs begin when the present is unwrapped!

You Are One Feeder Away From New Laughs Every Day.

donald trump squirrel Feeder And Box

Regardless of your political leanings, everyone can get a laugh out of our Donald Trump Squirrel Feeder. They are easy to set up and come with everything you need except for the bait!

The included 6+ foot string and tension clip make hanging the feeder and adjusting the height a breeze.

Order yours on Amazon today!

the Squirrel Helmets team

P.S. : You may as well pick up one for you and your friend, otherwise someone may be jealous of those hilarious pictures